January 20, 2009

Story is coming along...slowly, lol

Hey folks!

For those of you waiting for more news on my story....I am still working on chapters 3, 4, and 5. They will probably be done all around the same time and then the story should take off from there. I will post as soon as those chapters are finished and I can only hope my beta readers will be ready to review.

I know I have no real experience writting, but as a friend of mine once told me, you have to follow your dream. Once you know what you would really love to do, you can't just let it go. And if I could, if I had a choice, I would write, I would tell my stories. I would do my best to show you all the world I live in and be happy knowing you see what I see....It would be awesome to make enough from my books that I could do just that. I have several story ideas, and I can only hope they will come to light so that others might read them.

Wish me luck guys, I'm chasing my dream...

~Sun and Moon