October 13, 2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

Because of the lack of funds, today is the last day we have internet. So no blogs posts for a while. Or at least, not until my husband either gets the job we're trying for, or someone takes pity on us and pays the bills for us. Hopefully it'll be the former rather then the latter. Internet will be a lot more fun when I can quit my job and start writing again. I feel so darned guilty posting such a lack of progress. Even logging on to check stuff makes me cringe. Of course, that may have to do with the big New Beginnings file sitting smack dab on the middle of my desktop screen.....maybe >_>

Anyway, I'll try to get to the library every now and again, but as work is trying to kill me(or just making sure I sleep reeaally well every night...take your pick), that is a slim to nothing possibility. In the meantime, I'll be praying that job turns up for my husband. Any prayers or kind thoughts you can spare for us are very welcome and most definitely appreciated. I hope to be back soon with loads of good news.

~Sun and Moon                                

October 7, 2012

Can I get back to you on that?

Gee, I almost forgot I was supposed to post today. You see, we're right on the verge of finding out if my husband is getting the job we've been rooting for. If he does, everything is going to change.


There is a lot a good coming with that scary change though. I'll be able to start writing again(yes, I still haven't gotten back to work on chapter 29...please don't smack me, lol), my stack of art projects will finally start shrinking again, and best of all....I will no longer be working at....my job thingie...>_>

Also, we may end up with a farm in the next two years. How awesome is that?

My husband and I are already discussing our plans, but most of them will have to be put on hold till after the baby. Besides, the fact that I may never have to work another Black Friday again is holding most of my attention these days. I'm refraining from counting down to November until the job is secured, but it's hard to contain my optimistic excitment.

I'll keep you guys posted on the situation as it happens(I might even post on a non-sunday *gasp*). Hopefully by this time next week I'll have nothing but good news to share. If I'm lucky, that good news will include progress on edits for New Beginnings. In the meantime, I'm off to fiddle around with Sims 3 Supernatural and clean my livingroom. The kitchen was tidied up a couple days ago and it would be nice to have a matched set for once. :)

~Sun and Moon