October 30, 2011

Say what?

"Choose your words wisely."

Ever heard that quote? Its a fairly common piece of advice, and very much ignored. Which is kind of sad seeing as you can apply it to so much and it still rings true. From everyday conversation, to advertisements, to your average instruction manual, to writing and editing your manuscript. Choosing the wrong words can put you in a world of hurt, just as choosing the right ones can save your behind. I've seen these kind of situations and even been in more then a few of them. Sometimes I sail away without a scratch, and other times I find myself wondering how deep I should be digging my grave.

Seriously though, words can do so much for you, but be careful how you use them. 

Sometimes less is more.

~Sun and Moon

October 23, 2011

Balancing act

I really need to get back on the ball.

Today I realized its been way to long since I put chapter 27 to bed and started in on chapter 28 without anything to show for it but a notebook page of notes. While this is still work, its not enough for me. I've been slacking big time.

I could blame this on the new Sims 3 expansion, or the ginormous stack of library books sitting in jumble of worn covers and yellowing pages in my art studio, or even the fact that the past few days have been far too nice to spend indoors. However, it all boils down to a lack of balance and I darn well know it.

Excuses don't fix much, let me tell you, and they don't get work done either. Now, I could've buckled down today and I didn't. I could've cleaned the kitchen properly instead of just doing the dishes and calling it a day, or maybe given the bathroom a good scrubbing. There are guinea pig cages that still need to be cleaned, and I've a small pile of artwork still waiting to be finished.

You can't really enjoy the moments of relaxation if you've left things undone that you shouldn't have. For instance, its hard to really dive into the pages of an old favorite when your conscience is nagging you about the dirty laundry peeking out through the bathroom door.

A little balance can go a long way to making you feel at ease, like you've really accomplished something. Its too late for me to get back on the ball tonight, but tomorrow is another day and I plan to spend it with the scent of fresh pine shaving in my nose and the gritty scrape of a comet dusted rag in my ears as I put my apartment to rights. Maybe I'll even get on of those pieces of artwork polished off and still have time to catch some sun before relaxing with my husband until bedtime. You never know, right? After all, life is what you make of it and I for one don't intend to let it go to waste.

Well, that's all for me tonight. Work starts early tomorrow and I've a lot to get done once my shift is over.

G'night, guys.

 ~Sun and Moon

P.S. Has anyone else had trouble getting Blogger to post a scheduled blog entry? Darn thing just sits there...>_<

October 16, 2011

Lost and found

You know, I had a blog post all planned out for today. It was written up on a piece of note paper, but not typed into the computer yet. I left it unfinished too, but that was fine as I had plenty of time to wind it to a close before I needed to post it. I left it beside the computer, knowing that it would be there when I needed it as I went about doing other things.

I have since lost my blog post.

Now, it's been a crazy day today. Family events and visiting relatives(my grandma came up from Arizona), and of course a lot of good food. However, it hasn't been all that crazy and while I'm pretty tired after all the fun and such, I shouldn't be wondering how the heck I lost a piece of paper I spent so long scribbling on.

Oh well, at least I didn't forget today was Sunday like I did that one time. I'm late, but I think its forgivable considering the circumstances.

Chapter twenty-eight edits are going slowly at the moment, but as I'm still at the "review it and make notes" stage, that's to be expected. So far it looks like it may need more of a rewrite then I thought, but nothing truly drastic.

In other news, I just bought a program called "Mavis Beacon teaches typing" to help me get my speed up without having to watch the dang keyboard. I used it a long time ago as a kid(I was twelve), and it worked pretty well until I quit for stupid reasons. I'll be installing it and going for a test run sometime in the next week or so.

In the meantime, the much awaited Pets Expansion for Sims 3 is coming out over the next few days. I don't know about you, but I plan to get my writing work done early so I can play guilt-free. Not only are there cats and dogs to play with, but horses and even a unicorn(if you can find it). Here's hoping I can snag a limited edition copy before they run out.

And on that note I'm off to get a treat and relax. My dad gave me some coffee syrup and I'm itching to mix up some coffee milk. Its been ages since I had any and I'm not about to wait any longer.

Later, guys.

~Sun and Moon

October 9, 2011

Progress is a wonderful thing

I had a blog post all written up for today, but that was before I FINALLY finished chapter 27.

Yup, that's right. Both the rewrite and the basic edits are done at last. Today I'll be getting to all those art projects waiting in the wings and then I need to do some serious cleaning. At some point I hope to go on a bike ride, but that depends on how deeply my bike is buried in the garage. It might be a wonderful day for a long ride, but battling massive wolf spiders for possession of my bike is not my idea of fun.

Maybe I'll walk to the park instead. Hm...

On another note, I've been putting off breakfast so I can get the last tweaks done, so I'm starving. I guess decisions will have to wait until after I've rustled up some grub for my growling stomach. Oh well, no loss. My three day break starts tomorrow and I plan to enjoy every minute of it.

Later, guys :)

~Sun and Moon

October 2, 2011

Don't let the eyes fool you

Sorry this post is so late, but when you wake and find out the water isn't working things get a little scrambled. Thank goodness for landlords who care about their tenants or we'd still be without water and freezing to boot seeing as our heat is by big radiators in each room that require this thing called water in order to work. So everything is fixed now, and for the time being its all good here in the apartment. Well, mostly anyway.

You see, I have a stalker.

No, seriously I do. Remember the yummy goat yogurt I was raving about a while back? Well the healthfood store ran out and then decided to stop carrying it. They can still order it special if you want it, but only if you plan to buy the whole case. There are six containers in a case. At about seven dollars a pop, that's forty-two dollars easy. Seeing as I'm pretty broke most of the time, this means I haven't had any since I ran out a couple weeks ago, and I'm not the only one morning the loss of its creamy goodness.

Ever since that last bowl, my cat has been stalking me.

If I go into the kitchen she's only a pawstep behind me and will linger in the doorway meowing plaintively. Opening the fridge has the same effect, even if she was sleeping in the bedroom when I cracked it open. And she doesn't stop there. If I'm sitting down, she pesters me constantly(sometimes with painful results seeing as we don't declaw our cats). Its gotten so bad that when I get my breakfast in the morning, I've been locking myself in the bedroom so I can eat in peace.

Now, I could just suck it up and learn to make my own yogurt. Its not easy, but I could probably manage it okay.


I'll have to get back to you on that. The cat has realized where I am and is making her displeasure at the lack of yogurt rather plain. Pardon me while I peel her off my leg and go find her catnip.

And some bandaids.

Anyone want a cat? 

~Sun and Moon