August 24, 2009

More finished chapters

Hey folks!

Chapters 11 and twelve are done! WhOOt!

Ok, so twelve will probably need to be smoothed a bit still, but for all intents and purposes, its done.

On to chapter 13! XD

I have retrieved one beta copy so far(from heather) and I now only need the ones with ashley and missy. Please get them to me soon, cause I am dropping down to just one master beta copy to save money on ink.

Right now that master copy is out with a beta, but she says she'll be done with it by the end of the week, so it should be up for grabs by saturday.

Well, thats all the news I have right now. Chapter 13 may go a little slow as I spent all morning working on finishing chapter twelve today, and I need a break to let my brain recover, lol. Plus it'll be written entirely from scratch cause I dont have any clips already done for it, just the outline.

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat my sweet potatoe (yum!) and get some cleaning done before Paul get off work.


~Sun and Moon


August 7, 2009

No new chapters yet, but...

Hey folks,

No new chapters quite yet, but I wanted to post anyway, lol.

So, I haven't worked on my story today cause we had no water and other stuff...

Well now we have water again, and while I have to be at work early tomorrow, I can feel the need to write building. I'll definetly have something done by this time tomorrow.

Ya know, its funny. When I started writting this book, there were times I had to force myself to sit down and write. And now? I HAVE to write.

No joke.

Its like an itch I can't scratch any other way. Its a need that drives me nuts until I can get a moment to sit and put a few words down; whether its on paper, or in my laptop. I feel like I have found a passion I never knew was there. And now that I've discovered it, I can't get enough. There is just something peaceful about putting words together, about putting pen to paper. There's such satisfaction in seeing the work you've done, in hearing praise for what you've brought to life.

If I had known you could write for a living, tell stories to pay the bills...I would've done it long ago. Now, I haven't earned a dime with my written words yet, but I believe it WILL happen. Yeah, my stuff is rough, and my words are full of errors, but I get better.

I will always get better.

Never give up on your dreams, ok? I came so close to setting this story aside to gather dust....but I didn't. What would I tell my kids? Follow your dreams even though I didn't? What kind of advice would that be? What kind of example?

Always reach for the stars, that's what I want to say to them. Never let someone else tear down your dream. I almost did, but I just couldn't bring myself to truely set it aside. Instead, I dusted it off and started all over again. And let me tell you, I am all the better for it.

I have found my wings, and whether or not this story goes big, I'll still soar. No matter what, I followed my dream and saw it through to the end.

I want to change the world, but I'd settle for changing the hearts of those who need to hear what I have to say. If I change one person with my story, it is enough.

God willing, my story will touch more then one heart...will give more then one person back their wings.

Well, its time for me to turn in, so I'd better go. Remember, we all have wings. Will you try to hide your wings and dreams because they are frowned upon? Or will you hold them out to the sun and seek the skies?

Think about it.

~Sun and Moon


August 5, 2009

Chapter eleven is almost done!

Hey guys!

Chapter eleven is almost done! It just needs to be tweaked a bit and touched up here and there before its ready for the Betas. 

Chapter twelve has not only been started, but is well on its way. I have one clip in my notebook, and several more floating around in my head as well as two scenes already in the computer. Tomorrow is a day off work for me and my hubby, so I dont know how much work I'll be able to put into it. However, if it flows as quickly as chapter eleven did, I'll have it done within the week...maybe, lol.

I still need my beta copies back, folks! I'll be buying fresh ink tomorrow so I can print out copies of the reworked chapters. If you wanna see the new stuff, bring me the beta copies, ok?

well, thats all for tonight. My hubby is waiting for me to come to bed and I'm tierd, so I'll post more later. Please continue to keep myself and my dream in your prayers; it means a lot to me. 


~Sun and Moon