October 5, 2015

I think I need a map...

Ugh, so many links!

Um, I mean, I'm sorry I've been so absent. You see, I'm working on getting my art blog/site up and ready to go. 

While chasing a toddler.

And trying to find time to write.

Busy doesn't even come close to the chaos of my life right now. It's a good chaos though, so I'm not complaining(even though it may sound that way....sorry), but it means I have less time to blog if I want to have dinner ready when the hubby gets home and still be silly with my little one. 

Priorities are good things, am I right?

Anyway, I'm already running late on fixing dinner and the toddler just woke up from napping. Since my brain is kind of like so much mush after weaving the web of links and posts I need to make my art blog/site work, I'm going to sign off.

Erm, and yes I know it's not sunday, but yesterday was more nuts then usual. So yeah....have a monday post instead.  ^__^

~Sun and Moon