December 27, 2009

New chapter done...finally XD

Hey guys,

I'm gonna keep this short cause frankly I'm tierd of staring at a computer screen and I gotta get up in the morning.

Chapter 19 is finished at last. It would've been done sooner, but the christmas season at walmart has been hellish.

No joke XP

Anyway, its done and I've got several pages on Chapter 20. Some of it was just written today(about two to three pages), and some has been written for a while. The old stuff will probably get a severe rewrite, but the essense will remain the same, so it should be quick.

Ok, I'm about ready to pass out, so I'm gonna crash now. I don't know when I'll have the next chapter done, but unless something crops up(like writer's block) I should have it done in about a week or so.

Until then, folks.


~Sun and Moon


December 8, 2009

Another chapter finished...XD

Hey guys,

Well, chapter 18 is done.

Actually, it was done two days ago, but I only put the final polish on it yesterday, so yeah...XD. It's still rougher then I'd like, but it's ready for the first beta reader. And if I stare at it any longer I'll go nuts.

Anyway, chapter 19 has two pages so far, and will probably be a bit short...say....14 pages? I dont know yet, so we'll just have to see. It doesnt have any clips written for it, so between that and the fact that the holidays are hitting wal-mart pretty hard, I'll probably be working on this one for a week or two...unfortunately >_< Its flowing really well right now,though, so keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

Man, I'm so darned close to being done...just another ten chapters or so. And most of those have several pages already written. Granted, I'll have to rewrite about 90% of it, but it's still solid work thats gonna save me time, lol.

So eighteen chapters written and about ten or so to go. And then its on to outlining the second book while my beta readers and I polish up the this one and I send it off to literary agents.

I dont know how this adventure is gonna end...I havent written this book...but I can't wait to see what God has in store for my words and my story.

Oh yeah, and I have another idea for a book to add to my little list....lovely, eh? XD

Anyway, Its waaaay past my bed time, and I have another chapter to work on tomorrow. So I'm off to bed and I'll catch ya'll later. Please keep me and my dream in your prayers, and wish me luck. I'll do my best to not let you down.

G'night folks!

~Sun and Moon


November 12, 2009

New chapter finished...I think

Hey guys,

Ok, chapters 16 and 17 are done and 18 has several pages done. I'm not sure quite how many, though, cause I just realized my laptop says I have more pages done then it says on my desktop, lol. So chapter 17 will probably get a page or two added to it, and at a guess chapter 18 has....8 pages written? Maybe less.

Anyway, I'm working on Chapter 18 now and its filled with lots of stuff so it should fly along fairly well. And I know I keep saying this, but this is the point where everything starts to really happen. More action, and maybe some drama...we'll see what happens, right? XD

So far though, this is all looks like I'll actually be done writting in febuary...o_O....mmmyeah...that would be awesome, lol XD

And seeing as it is about 12:30am, I had better hit the sack. So thats all folks, I'll catch ya later. 

~Sun and Moon

October 16, 2009

New chapter done and another close behind...

Hey guys,

Chapter 15 is done and thank goodness I managed to fix things without re-outlining it. So yeah, disaster averted XD

Chapter 16 is nearly done, it just needs one last scene finished and a bit of polishing before I move to the next chapter. A couple things have been taken out of the story, but not really important stuff. Mostly it was stuff that just crowded everything =P


I'm still getting ideas for the next book, and now I'm starting to get ideas for the final book. To top off all that, I now have a total of six stories swimming around my head...


To list off their current titles in the order they will be written we have....

Here There be Griffens<---(book one)

A Child and a Prophesy<---(book two)

Back to the Beginning<----(book three)

Alpha <---(stand alone novel)

The Watchers <----(possible collab with hubby. Stand alone novel)

Untitled<-----(title is obviously still in the works. This one jumped into my head just a week ago. It will star one of the races living on Fairland. Which one it will be is for me to know and for you to wonder about, lol XD. This one might become a series...we'll see)

I have starter pages for "The Watchers", "Alpha", and the untitled book. And I have most of an outline for Alpha. As for the Griffen trilogy, I have lots more in my head. I just need to get it out and on paper in a sensible fashion.

I am so screwed, lol XD

On the other hand, I have a whole friggin' bookshelf full of others who managed to not only get all their stories out in an orderly fashion, but do a damn fine job of it in the process. And some of them, like Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce(just to name a few, lol), have quite a few stories to tell. And they are'nt finished yet.

Hopefully neither am I.

So on that note, I am done with chapter 15 and almost done with chapter 16. Chapter 17 looks like it'll flow along nicely and, if I'm not mistaken, 18 has several clips already done. So hopefully my next blog will be about finishing Chapter 18.

Wish me luck, I'm off to put in some more work before bed.

~Sun and Moon


September 30, 2009

Chapter 14 is done...I think XD

Hey guys,

I'm just stopping in to say the chapter 14 is basically done. The end of it is being tweaked, and I'm trying to decide if I wanna shunt part of it off into another chapter....but either way, its basically done, lol. XD

Chapter 15 has to be re-outlined possibly, and that may start a chain reaction down my chapter outlines. Which would suck, cause right now I've got the whole book basically outlined...mmmyeah...I'll work it out somehow >_<

So if all goes as its been going, it looks like I may be done writting around January at the earliest. Latest would be May, but I'm hoping to be sending out to literary agents by then, so sooner is the goal. Plus I wanna start the second book in the trilogy by the end of May...

Nothing like self-made homework during summer break, lol XD

Anyway, its 11:41pm and I have work in the morning. So I'm gonna sign off here and tweak chapter 14 some more before hitting the sack.

I'll chat with ya'll later

~Sun and Moon

September 26, 2009

New chapter finished!

Hey guys ^_^

So chapter 13 has been finished for about 3 days now, but I haven't been online, thus the late blog. Sorry bout that XD

I'm already working on chapter 14 and I'm doing more outlines as well. Its going pretty smooth so far, but you never know, right?

Anyway, I have outlines up to chapter 22, and I'm still fitting things together, so that may be my project today....Working on the possible outlines. ^_^

The master copy for my betas is still out with the girl I gave it to first. She's working and going to school, and she has a little boy, so she's just now on chapter 5. She's making progress, though, and she's not a fantasy fan like most of my readers. So the fact that she likes it so very much is encouraging.

So, it'll be a bit before I have that beta copy availible, and I'm still trying to get those two that are still out there. So far no luck, but I'm working on it, so yeah...determination is key, lol XD

At any rate, I'm almost halfway through my story O_O....

So expect me to be all giddy when I finish chapter 15...ok?

Well, I have two commisions to do, and a story to work on, so I better get my butt in gear. Toodles!

~Sun and Moon


August 24, 2009

More finished chapters

Hey folks!

Chapters 11 and twelve are done! WhOOt!

Ok, so twelve will probably need to be smoothed a bit still, but for all intents and purposes, its done.

On to chapter 13! XD

I have retrieved one beta copy so far(from heather) and I now only need the ones with ashley and missy. Please get them to me soon, cause I am dropping down to just one master beta copy to save money on ink.

Right now that master copy is out with a beta, but she says she'll be done with it by the end of the week, so it should be up for grabs by saturday.

Well, thats all the news I have right now. Chapter 13 may go a little slow as I spent all morning working on finishing chapter twelve today, and I need a break to let my brain recover, lol. Plus it'll be written entirely from scratch cause I dont have any clips already done for it, just the outline.

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat my sweet potatoe (yum!) and get some cleaning done before Paul get off work.


~Sun and Moon


August 7, 2009

No new chapters yet, but...

Hey folks,

No new chapters quite yet, but I wanted to post anyway, lol.

So, I haven't worked on my story today cause we had no water and other stuff...

Well now we have water again, and while I have to be at work early tomorrow, I can feel the need to write building. I'll definetly have something done by this time tomorrow.

Ya know, its funny. When I started writting this book, there were times I had to force myself to sit down and write. And now? I HAVE to write.

No joke.

Its like an itch I can't scratch any other way. Its a need that drives me nuts until I can get a moment to sit and put a few words down; whether its on paper, or in my laptop. I feel like I have found a passion I never knew was there. And now that I've discovered it, I can't get enough. There is just something peaceful about putting words together, about putting pen to paper. There's such satisfaction in seeing the work you've done, in hearing praise for what you've brought to life.

If I had known you could write for a living, tell stories to pay the bills...I would've done it long ago. Now, I haven't earned a dime with my written words yet, but I believe it WILL happen. Yeah, my stuff is rough, and my words are full of errors, but I get better.

I will always get better.

Never give up on your dreams, ok? I came so close to setting this story aside to gather dust....but I didn't. What would I tell my kids? Follow your dreams even though I didn't? What kind of advice would that be? What kind of example?

Always reach for the stars, that's what I want to say to them. Never let someone else tear down your dream. I almost did, but I just couldn't bring myself to truely set it aside. Instead, I dusted it off and started all over again. And let me tell you, I am all the better for it.

I have found my wings, and whether or not this story goes big, I'll still soar. No matter what, I followed my dream and saw it through to the end.

I want to change the world, but I'd settle for changing the hearts of those who need to hear what I have to say. If I change one person with my story, it is enough.

God willing, my story will touch more then one heart...will give more then one person back their wings.

Well, its time for me to turn in, so I'd better go. Remember, we all have wings. Will you try to hide your wings and dreams because they are frowned upon? Or will you hold them out to the sun and seek the skies?

Think about it.

~Sun and Moon


August 5, 2009

Chapter eleven is almost done!

Hey guys!

Chapter eleven is almost done! It just needs to be tweaked a bit and touched up here and there before its ready for the Betas. 

Chapter twelve has not only been started, but is well on its way. I have one clip in my notebook, and several more floating around in my head as well as two scenes already in the computer. Tomorrow is a day off work for me and my hubby, so I dont know how much work I'll be able to put into it. However, if it flows as quickly as chapter eleven did, I'll have it done within the week...maybe, lol.

I still need my beta copies back, folks! I'll be buying fresh ink tomorrow so I can print out copies of the reworked chapters. If you wanna see the new stuff, bring me the beta copies, ok?

well, thats all for tonight. My hubby is waiting for me to come to bed and I'm tierd, so I'll post more later. Please continue to keep myself and my dream in your prayers; it means a lot to me. 


~Sun and Moon


July 29, 2009

Moving quick now...

Hey guys,

The rewrite for chapters 1-10 is finished! I started on chapter eleven two hours ago, and will be logging even more time as soon as I can.

For those of you who have a beta copy...STOP! I have to get those back from you, ok? Please call or text me and let me know when I can pick them up, or it?

For those of you still waiting to see the latest drafts, I'm putting together an extra beta copy that will double as my Master copy. This will not be handed out to those that cannot return it promptly and will hold six chapters. That means that one will have 1-6, another will have 7-12, and so on. Please keep in mind that these drafts are all still in the rough stage and I still need your opinions and notes for each chapter.

Well, thats all for now...its 1:30am and I need to get my beauty sleep

I'll have more to share tomorrow...

~Sun and Moon


July 22, 2009

A quick note

Hey guys,

I'm about to crash, so I'll make this short and sweet.

I finished chapter ten a while back, and I'm almost done tweaking 1-6. Chapter 11 should be started sometime next week...I hope.

Work is crazy right now and I'm having trouble finding the time to write, but there are two clips for chapter eleven floating around in my notebook, so I'm still moving forward. I'm not sure when my next off day is, but I'll be spending it writting and cleaning, so dont freak out, lol. I'm not going to stop writting, and I still plan to have my work published...its just going to take some time.

Well, I got to crash now so I can get up tomorrow and put more hours in on my story before I head to work. As always, I ask that you keep me in your prayers, and wish my luck ^_~

Take care, ya'll...
~Sun and Moon


June 30, 2009

New chapters done

Hey folks,

I have more stuff done, so time for an update...

Chapters 8 and 9 are done, and chapter 10 is moving along so fast, I'm finding it hard to keep up, lol. At the rate I'm going right now, chapter 10 will be done sometime tomorrow, and I'll be on chapter 11 by the end of the week.

Now here is where it gets a little harder for a bit. You see, I don't have any clips already written for chapters 11-13, so they will go a bit slower then these past few chapters. However, the outline is solid, so maybe  they won't be slow to write. Either way, they will get done.


For those of you with copies of my story, I need all copies back for now. Because I'm rewritting chapters 1-6, I won't be handing more out until I've fixed the problems in the original. So no hard feelings ya'll, but I need them back ^_^

Well, its way past my bedtime, so I'll say goodnight now, and head to bed. Sweet dreams to everybody, and I'll write more tomorrow.
~Sun and Moon


June 14, 2009

Major setback for me, not so much for you...urk

Hey folks,

So, yeah, I got this nifty laptop and all and loaded my story onto a tiny USB drive so I could work on my story at work. Sounds like a smashing idea, right?


Not only did I manage to lose all 4 hours of work I had put into chapter nine by accidently wiping the USB drive clean somehow while it was in my pocket, I also got so pissed off that I threw said USB across my bedroom and into the wall. It shattered of course. We have only found one piece of it so far and Paul says I might as well give it up cause he heard it shatter all the way out in the living room....yeah....I need a damn vacation.

On the good side of things, chapter eight is only 5 pages from being done, and chapter nine has eleven pages done so far, and thats only what I've managed to get into the computer. There are still another 4-6 pages worth in my notebook and I ain't done yet. As soon as I fix the the lost info and get it all retyped in, chapter nine should be about ready togo. The outlines I have for the next few chapters are still holding strong and fall into the story nicely. I hit the half-way marker at chapter 15...wish me luck.

Ok, I better my butt in gear and start working on getting that "lost" stuff rewritten...bleh...I hate this part....

Yeah, I've lost stuff before, and this time sucks far more then those times ever did. Please shoot me now.


~Sun and Moon


May 23, 2009

Another update, but no new chapter...yet ^_^

Hey folks!

Chapter Eight isn't done yet, but its at 15 pages so its only a matter of polishing it up and adding another page or three.

Chapter 5 has to be almost entirely rewritten as it doesn't fit into the story well enough to satisfy me or my betas. That will be done after Eight is finished, but for now it will have to wait.

Chapters 1-7 have to be adjusted as I had to move Shadow's den from the Brookville park, to Sycamore state park due to the lack of actual woods, lol ^_^. All the adjustments are minor though, and will be done before the next set of chapters head out to the beta readers.

All in all, everything is going really well, and I hope to be sending my story off to publishers by this time next year. Thanks goes out to all you guys that have helped me smooth out the rough spots so I can keep writting without having to check every word for errors.

I can't wait to be able to share my story with the world; it is, after all, my dream.

Well, its way past my bedtime, so I'd better turn in. Thanks for everything, guys!

~Sun and Moon


May 6, 2009

To you that have copies...

Hey guys,

This is to the betas that have the chapters 1-6. I have removed the De'kah sprout from chapter six. It just wasn't flowing with the rest of the story; really, it wasn't. So chapters six and seven were edited and chapter eight will be taking longer then I thought, sorry!

The good news is that I'm feeling lots better though and will be able to put in some serious time to get chapter eight re-outlined and finished.

I also have a vague outline for the rest of the story, but only the outlines up to chapter 16 are solid. The rest is subject to change at any time.

Well, I got to get going and clean guinea pig cages, but I'll let ya'll know when I have the next chapter done.


~Sun and Moon


May 2, 2009

New chapter finished

Hey folks!

Chapter seven is now finished. On to chapter eight, lol.

Now, I'm not sure how long these next chapters will take, and all my beta copies are still out with thier respective people. So I still can't share the new chapter, but at least I have it done for when I can.

So more chapter done, so many more to go ^_^

Thanks for everything guys, you do more to help then you realize.


~Sun and Moon


April 29, 2009

Update on the coming chapters

Hey folks,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am over halfway done with chapter seven and chapters 8, 9, and 10 all have scenes that are finished. Now, they aren't done yet, but with several large chunks already done, they should be done pretty quick.

For those of you who are beta readers, I will not be handing out more then six chapters at any given time. To keep you from getting lost, there will be chapter summaries for all the previous chapters not included in your beta copy. So those of you who have the Preface and chapters 1-6 will have only the summaries for those chapters when you get 7-10.

Does that make sense? o_O

Anyway, I may post quotes from different chapters occasionaly, but I'm not posting clips. Its just too darn easy to steal stuff off the internet these days, sorry folks.

I'll post a new blog when I have more chapters completed, so keep an eye out ^_^

I'd also like to ask you again to keep me in your prayers. This is a dream I've had since I was about 12yrs old, and I would love for my story, and the ones that follow, to make it out there. I'm not hoping to make it big, I just want to share the stories that are floating around my head. I just want to be able to show my future kids that they really can follow their dreams if they put there minds to it.

So if you pray for me, pray that this story, and others, keep coming to me. That the words I need keep flowing, and that the stories that make it to paper get published.

Thanks for everything, guys.

April 21, 2009

On beta copies...

Hey folks,
Just a heads up...I only have three beta copies in circulation. They are all currently with a beta reader, so if your one of my readers and you don't have a copy, I'm sorry. I will not be handing out anymore then three at a time because I dont want to lose track of how many are out there.

Only two betas have chapters 3-6 as well as chapters 1-2 and the preface.

Heres the kicker...chapter 5 is going to be added to, but I need your help. What kinds of questions would you ask if you found yourself in Kristal's senario? What would you want to know before accepting such a responsibility?

For those of you not reading for me...heres a clip to explain what I mean. Here the Elders are telling Shadow what she must do. She, in turn, tells this to Kristal when she asks if Kris is willing to help...

“What is the task, honored Elders?”
Elder Dragon heaved a sigh of his own, “The task is simple, lewa. You must go to the human world and find the girl that will give our eggs life. You must bring her back here alive and aware, to spill her blood upon the eggs. And in this, she must be a willing sacrifice.”
“Sacrifice? She will die?”
Elder Gryphon shrugged, “We don’t know. It may well be that she will die. All the same, she might not. But if she doesn’t know the risks, and if she does not come willingly, it will not work.

This is all I'm going to post, but it should be enough for ya'll to get the picture ^_~

I am still working on outlines for each chapter and I'm happy to say I have outlines for chapters 7-16. I will continue to do more outlines to help guide the story and hopefully it will result in it being done sooner rather then later, lol.

Anyway, I still have more work to do so I'll check back later.

~Sun and Moon


P.S. If you do leave a question for the story...leave your name too. If I use your question I'll put your name in the Thanks/Acknowledgements saying how you helped(this will be in the published book). Credit to where it is due ^_~

Thanks a bunch!

April 1, 2009

More chapters finished

I don't have much time so I'll keep this short.

I now have chapters 1-6 done. I'm still not happy with chapter five, but for all intents and purposes...its done.

Chapters 7-10 have been outlined and I will start work on them soon. For now I need to finish and old fanfiction before my readers kill me, lol.

Well, thats all for now, I'll post more later...

~Sun and Moon


March 21, 2009

More story stuff

Hey folks!

I have added three more people to the beta reader list and have finished chapter 3. Chapter 4 needs to be fleshed out and chapter 5 is only half done, but chapter 6 is done. Not sure how that happened, but I have no complaints, lol.

If you are a beta reader, I'll have chapters 1-6 ready to go soon. Right now I'm working on finishing 5 and fleshing out 4 with a little more detail. Its taking me a while cause I have to fit it into work and everything else, but I'll be off monday and tuesday so I'll work on it then. Hopefully I'll have 1-6 done and ready for ya'll to read over for me by the time I get back to work on wensday.

Wish me luck!

~Sun and Moon


January 20, 2009

Story is coming along...slowly, lol

Hey folks!

For those of you waiting for more news on my story....I am still working on chapters 3, 4, and 5. They will probably be done all around the same time and then the story should take off from there. I will post as soon as those chapters are finished and I can only hope my beta readers will be ready to review.

I know I have no real experience writting, but as a friend of mine once told me, you have to follow your dream. Once you know what you would really love to do, you can't just let it go. And if I could, if I had a choice, I would write, I would tell my stories. I would do my best to show you all the world I live in and be happy knowing you see what I see....It would be awesome to make enough from my books that I could do just that. I have several story ideas, and I can only hope they will come to light so that others might read them.

Wish me luck guys, I'm chasing my dream...

~Sun and Moon