September 26, 2009

New chapter finished!

Hey guys ^_^

So chapter 13 has been finished for about 3 days now, but I haven't been online, thus the late blog. Sorry bout that XD

I'm already working on chapter 14 and I'm doing more outlines as well. Its going pretty smooth so far, but you never know, right?

Anyway, I have outlines up to chapter 22, and I'm still fitting things together, so that may be my project today....Working on the possible outlines. ^_^

The master copy for my betas is still out with the girl I gave it to first. She's working and going to school, and she has a little boy, so she's just now on chapter 5. She's making progress, though, and she's not a fantasy fan like most of my readers. So the fact that she likes it so very much is encouraging.

So, it'll be a bit before I have that beta copy availible, and I'm still trying to get those two that are still out there. So far no luck, but I'm working on it, so yeah...determination is key, lol XD

At any rate, I'm almost halfway through my story O_O....

So expect me to be all giddy when I finish chapter 15...ok?

Well, I have two commisions to do, and a story to work on, so I better get my butt in gear. Toodles!

~Sun and Moon


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