June 30, 2009

New chapters done

Hey folks,

I have more stuff done, so time for an update...

Chapters 8 and 9 are done, and chapter 10 is moving along so fast, I'm finding it hard to keep up, lol. At the rate I'm going right now, chapter 10 will be done sometime tomorrow, and I'll be on chapter 11 by the end of the week.

Now here is where it gets a little harder for a bit. You see, I don't have any clips already written for chapters 11-13, so they will go a bit slower then these past few chapters. However, the outline is solid, so maybe  they won't be slow to write. Either way, they will get done.


For those of you with copies of my story, I need all copies back for now. Because I'm rewritting chapters 1-6, I won't be handing more out until I've fixed the problems in the original. So no hard feelings ya'll, but I need them back ^_^

Well, its way past my bedtime, so I'll say goodnight now, and head to bed. Sweet dreams to everybody, and I'll write more tomorrow.
~Sun and Moon


June 14, 2009

Major setback for me, not so much for you...urk

Hey folks,

So, yeah, I got this nifty laptop and all and loaded my story onto a tiny USB drive so I could work on my story at work. Sounds like a smashing idea, right?


Not only did I manage to lose all 4 hours of work I had put into chapter nine by accidently wiping the USB drive clean somehow while it was in my pocket, I also got so pissed off that I threw said USB across my bedroom and into the wall. It shattered of course. We have only found one piece of it so far and Paul says I might as well give it up cause he heard it shatter all the way out in the living room....yeah....I need a damn vacation.

On the good side of things, chapter eight is only 5 pages from being done, and chapter nine has eleven pages done so far, and thats only what I've managed to get into the computer. There are still another 4-6 pages worth in my notebook and I ain't done yet. As soon as I fix the the lost info and get it all retyped in, chapter nine should be about ready togo. The outlines I have for the next few chapters are still holding strong and fall into the story nicely. I hit the half-way marker at chapter 15...wish me luck.

Ok, I better my butt in gear and start working on getting that "lost" stuff rewritten...bleh...I hate this part....

Yeah, I've lost stuff before, and this time sucks far more then those times ever did. Please shoot me now.


~Sun and Moon