November 30, 2014

...[insert nifty title here]...

Well, my daughter will be six months old in a few short weeks and I'm finally getting back to writing. I'm making decent progress on edit notes now and I hope to be sifting out the last few plots holes sometime shortly after the holidays. This will be my first unemployed holiday season since...I think it has been eight years? I'm not sure. 

Nope, I has been a whopping ten years. About seven of those were in retail and man, it was bad.

Of course, this is also my first holiday season with a little one running around. So things ought to be interesting if nothing else.

I'm going to regret saying that, aren't I?

Anyway, I better get moving. I can hear my daughter starting to wake and the last time I tried to write a blog post with her in my lap she attempted to eat the keyboard.

Later, guys.

~Sun and Moon