November 12, 2009

New chapter finished...I think

Hey guys,

Ok, chapters 16 and 17 are done and 18 has several pages done. I'm not sure quite how many, though, cause I just realized my laptop says I have more pages done then it says on my desktop, lol. So chapter 17 will probably get a page or two added to it, and at a guess chapter 18 has....8 pages written? Maybe less.

Anyway, I'm working on Chapter 18 now and its filled with lots of stuff so it should fly along fairly well. And I know I keep saying this, but this is the point where everything starts to really happen. More action, and maybe some drama...we'll see what happens, right? XD

So far though, this is all looks like I'll actually be done writting in febuary...o_O....mmmyeah...that would be awesome, lol XD

And seeing as it is about 12:30am, I had better hit the sack. So thats all folks, I'll catch ya later. 

~Sun and Moon