September 29, 2013

Pretty colors....

Er, so its almost 9pm at night and I just realized I didn't put up a blog post at all. I have  loads of good reasons, but since most of them sound horribly like excuses....we'll leave them unspoken.

Also, on a random note...the letter "v" on my keyboard has died. I'm using the wonderful world of spell-check and cut-and-paste to cover that, but I'm either going to be doing some tinkering in the near future, or keyboard shopping. Thank goodness I have my netbook. I'm still picking away at my edit notes and it would really suck if I stymied because of a faulty key on my keyboard.

Funny thing is....I'm pretty sure I don't use my "v" key that much....

Tomorrow is going to be a day of cleaning, artwork, and edits, so I better go enjoy my last couple of lazy hours till bedtime. And in lieu of a proper blog post, here is a bit of artwork I finished some months ago. Pastels on pastel board, she is one of my favorite pieces right now and one of the first ones I finished after my son passed. I hope you like her. :)

~Sun and Moon    


September 22, 2013

Stepping back into those shoes...

I miss my little boy, but I love my life right now. He gave me and my husband so much during his short time here....we are blessed to know him as our son.

Its hard stepping back into life though, back into the shoes left behind when we had to say goodbye so soon. I find myself trying to fit back into the old routines like I never left, but I can't. Not quite, anyway. Instead, I find myself making a new pair of shoes to wear through my new life, and while they sometimes pinch my toes when reality rears up to snarl at us, they are slowly becoming a part of me.

When I first got back to my blogging, I thought I'd be able to step right back into the rhymth I had before. I pushed myself to try and fit those old shoes, but I only made a mess of things. I'm different now, and while I hope to get back to the goofy, flaky artist-author person I may take me a bit.

I'm still writting, though. Still sketching new art and finishing old peices. Book Three is starting to poke at me and I already have several scenes and a handful of snippets for it. Nevermind that I'm supposed to be working on edits for Book One. Instead I'm back to sneaking a minute at work while I jot down an idea or scrap of dialog. I should probably do something about that....

In the meantime, those edits are kicking my butt. Right now I have the whole book broken into one chapter per document for ease in editing, but once the notes are done I'll be tossing it back together for the final trim. As it stands now, I need to trim about 30k in words. Its a little daunting to be sure, but I'm doing my best. Book Two will probably be shorter then this one as the storyline is more concise, but who knows. It might turn out just as long. Hopefully Cara won't backtalk me as bad as Shadow does.... 

Aaaand on that note I better get back to work. I'll catch you guys later, okay? I've missed this and I think I can definetly say I'm back now. Its been a rough road and I'll have blisters for years to come....but I'm finally home.

Until next week, guys.

~Sun and Moon  

September 15, 2013

The happy, the sad, and the strange

For the first time ever, I had a customer walk up and apologize for giving me attitude over something I had no control over. She said I probably didn't remember, but she did and she wanted to apologize.

She was right....I didn't remember.

As I accepted her apology and thanked her, I realized I don't really remember most of my negative encounters with customers. After all, why bother? Its so much easier to do the job if you don't dwell too long on the crap. Vague recollections wander through my head, but I don't fight to keep them there for the same reason I prefer my books and movies to have happy endings.

There is enough misery and pain in life, and I want to remember the good, the joyful, the peaceful, and the just. I want to be uplifted, not morose and angry.

I don't always avoid the sad endings, though. There are a few I read and reread because they are just that well written. After all, no matter what your preference, its about telling the story in your head. Its about getting your words on paper in a way others can understand and enjoy. 

And on that note, I better get to work on my edit notes. This post is already late and I've got my own happy ending to write.

Later guys, 

~Sun and Moon  

September 9, 2013

What is this internet you speak of?

It's kinda weird to have internet again after doing without it for almost a year. So weird, in fact, that I keep forgetting we have it. Even stranger is that a part of me misses NOT having internet.

No, I'm not crazy....

It was really liberating even when it was so darned frustrating. It was like a forced detox that showed me what was really important in life....and how to appreciate it instead of letting it slip by. I've gotten so much accomplished since we lost the internet and a little more patient to boot.

Not too patient though. I'm working with the chapter three edit notes right now and I have this urge to smack myself. Why the heck didn't I be more detailed on the changes? Why did I assume I'd remember what I meant to write and magically put it in? I can only hope that chapter three is the only bunch of notes this obtuse....ugh.

 Anyway, I have a mountain of cleaning to do, so I better get cracking. The sooner I'm done, the sooner I can take a little more time to beat chapter three notes into submission.

I can hope, darn it.

Later, guys :)

~Sun and Moon