September 15, 2013

The happy, the sad, and the strange

For the first time ever, I had a customer walk up and apologize for giving me attitude over something I had no control over. She said I probably didn't remember, but she did and she wanted to apologize.

She was right....I didn't remember.

As I accepted her apology and thanked her, I realized I don't really remember most of my negative encounters with customers. After all, why bother? Its so much easier to do the job if you don't dwell too long on the crap. Vague recollections wander through my head, but I don't fight to keep them there for the same reason I prefer my books and movies to have happy endings.

There is enough misery and pain in life, and I want to remember the good, the joyful, the peaceful, and the just. I want to be uplifted, not morose and angry.

I don't always avoid the sad endings, though. There are a few I read and reread because they are just that well written. After all, no matter what your preference, its about telling the story in your head. Its about getting your words on paper in a way others can understand and enjoy. 

And on that note, I better get to work on my edit notes. This post is already late and I've got my own happy ending to write.

Later guys, 

~Sun and Moon  

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