September 22, 2013

Stepping back into those shoes...

I miss my little boy, but I love my life right now. He gave me and my husband so much during his short time here....we are blessed to know him as our son.

Its hard stepping back into life though, back into the shoes left behind when we had to say goodbye so soon. I find myself trying to fit back into the old routines like I never left, but I can't. Not quite, anyway. Instead, I find myself making a new pair of shoes to wear through my new life, and while they sometimes pinch my toes when reality rears up to snarl at us, they are slowly becoming a part of me.

When I first got back to my blogging, I thought I'd be able to step right back into the rhymth I had before. I pushed myself to try and fit those old shoes, but I only made a mess of things. I'm different now, and while I hope to get back to the goofy, flaky artist-author person I may take me a bit.

I'm still writting, though. Still sketching new art and finishing old peices. Book Three is starting to poke at me and I already have several scenes and a handful of snippets for it. Nevermind that I'm supposed to be working on edits for Book One. Instead I'm back to sneaking a minute at work while I jot down an idea or scrap of dialog. I should probably do something about that....

In the meantime, those edits are kicking my butt. Right now I have the whole book broken into one chapter per document for ease in editing, but once the notes are done I'll be tossing it back together for the final trim. As it stands now, I need to trim about 30k in words. Its a little daunting to be sure, but I'm doing my best. Book Two will probably be shorter then this one as the storyline is more concise, but who knows. It might turn out just as long. Hopefully Cara won't backtalk me as bad as Shadow does.... 

Aaaand on that note I better get back to work. I'll catch you guys later, okay? I've missed this and I think I can definetly say I'm back now. Its been a rough road and I'll have blisters for years to come....but I'm finally home.

Until next week, guys.

~Sun and Moon  

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