September 9, 2013

What is this internet you speak of?

It's kinda weird to have internet again after doing without it for almost a year. So weird, in fact, that I keep forgetting we have it. Even stranger is that a part of me misses NOT having internet.

No, I'm not crazy....

It was really liberating even when it was so darned frustrating. It was like a forced detox that showed me what was really important in life....and how to appreciate it instead of letting it slip by. I've gotten so much accomplished since we lost the internet and a little more patient to boot.

Not too patient though. I'm working with the chapter three edit notes right now and I have this urge to smack myself. Why the heck didn't I be more detailed on the changes? Why did I assume I'd remember what I meant to write and magically put it in? I can only hope that chapter three is the only bunch of notes this obtuse....ugh.

 Anyway, I have a mountain of cleaning to do, so I better get cracking. The sooner I'm done, the sooner I can take a little more time to beat chapter three notes into submission.

I can hope, darn it.

Later, guys :)

~Sun and Moon

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