August 21, 2013

Um, did I say that?

Ok, so for once we didn't end up at the farm on a sunday. Figures. I had a nifty post all written up and everything. Instead we goofed off and had fun....and now I'm using my new phone to post this blog. I didn't know it could do that.... o_O

Anyway, I've been picking away at the mess that is chapter 29, writting out edit notes and reworking some scenes entirely. The good news is I'm on the last half of the chapter at this point. The not-so-good-news is I'm definetly going to have to rewrite most of it.


This is supposed to be my last round of edits before starting book two, so I'm trying to thurough, but darnit if I don't just keep getting stuck instead. 

Well, at least theres more good news. By this coming sunday I should have internet back up and running. Which will be awesome. My new phone is nifty, but not that nifty.

And on that note, I'm off to tackle chapter 29 and its horrible messiness(sp?). I'll ctach you guys this coming sunday. 


 ~Sun and Moon

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