August 11, 2013

Somebody get me a mop...

Life is such a mess right now....but in a good way. 

Sort of.

Since my last post the moving thing has fallen apart(rather messily too) and my husband has bounced from an okay job, to a horrible one, to an even worse job, and finally into one he loves. It doesn't pay a whole lot, but seeing him come home smiling instead of fuming is worth the smaller paycheck. 

I'm back to working again. It was horrible and extremely rough going back to the place I'd spent so much time pregnant with my little boy. The memories, the questions and the pitying looks were like salted glass shards being rubbed into the wounds on my heart. Over time the glass became rough sandpaper, and now its just the deep ache of an old wound. I still break down and cry at random moments, but those moments are becoming fewer and every day I find myself with more reasons to smile.

My book is in its last stage of edits for the time being(I hope), and starting book two is starting to get a little closer to reality. I've been working on editing notes like a crazy person(no surprise there....aren't we all a little nuts for doing this?). So many "essential" bits of dialog and story have hit the floor and one chapter has an entirely new opening page(painful but true...ugh). 

I'm working on edit notes for chapter 28 this week along with two art commissions. The fat packet of already written notes at my elbow is very satisfying, but not enough to call it quits and take a break. I'm itching to write new material and the only way to satisfy that need to is to get cracking on these edits.

I've been able to get some fairly reliable access to the internet on sundays, so barring more messy life stuff, I should be back to regular updates over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I have a fresh page in my notebook and a chapter to edit. I'll be back next sunday(I hope).

Later, guys :)

~Sun and Moon

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