March 21, 2009

More story stuff

Hey folks!

I have added three more people to the beta reader list and have finished chapter 3. Chapter 4 needs to be fleshed out and chapter 5 is only half done, but chapter 6 is done. Not sure how that happened, but I have no complaints, lol.

If you are a beta reader, I'll have chapters 1-6 ready to go soon. Right now I'm working on finishing 5 and fleshing out 4 with a little more detail. Its taking me a while cause I have to fit it into work and everything else, but I'll be off monday and tuesday so I'll work on it then. Hopefully I'll have 1-6 done and ready for ya'll to read over for me by the time I get back to work on wensday.

Wish me luck!

~Sun and Moon