December 29, 2013

Another holiday season come and gone....FINALLY!

That's right, I survived. 

Not sure how....

Anyway, I'd like to apologize for the complete silence...I tried, I really did, but family time and sleep came first. I did manage to get finished with the last bits of editing for chapter fifteen, though.

Book three has been blessedly silent, but I now have yet another scene for book two on paper. It needs lots of work, but it's nice to write something fresh. It's also nice to be reminded that you won't get things right the first go around...that's what edits are for. Something I've apparently forgotten as I struggle to finish wrapping up my edits and trim excess word count.

On a happier, but strange number one key and "v" key are working again....and I have no idea why.


Well, now that I'm not being squished on a regular basis, I hope to get back into the swing of things. Hope being the key word here, but I should be back to regular posts by the end of this month. If I manage to stay on top of things, I may have edits finished as well and be getting ready to work on book two....which still doesn't have a name.

Okay, in all honesty it does, but I'm not sure if it still fits seeing as things have changed so much in my world building and plot lines.

Anywho...I promised my husband I'd keep this one brief, so I better wrap this one up. I'll be back with very good news in the coming weeks if all goes well. Until then, I'll be picking away at edits and trying to keep the cat from smothering us both in fur(it's a long story, lol). 

Later guys,

~Sun and Moon