June 24, 2012

Pesky edits are pesky

I've been bad.

Now, I could blame my lack of progress with chapter twenty-nine on the craziness of the past couple weeks, the pesky snag I've been fighting with, or even on the new scene waiting to be written. It wouldn't be entirely true though. You see, the root of it all is me and my tendencey to procrastinate.

Like I said...I've been bad.

Instead of working on edits I've been working on art, or cleaning my apartment, or trying to catch up on books I've been itching to read. I haven't neglected edits completely, though. I've been doing them a bit at a time on my breaks at work, but those little snippets of time aren't enough. Which means tonight I'll be staying up late to get some real work done. I'm about halfway through the chapter(not including the new scene), so with a little elbow grease and a lot of tea, I should be able to get pretty far before I hit the sack tonight.

I really want to get this round of edits done. Then it's some minor tweaks and I can move on to book two. The outlines for the first ten chapters are burning a hole in the drawer where I keep my notes. On top of that, I've got yet another story idea bouncing around my head.

One day, I'll catch up with all the stories I want to write. For now, I better get to work. Wish me luck, guys. I might need it.

~Sun and Moon  


June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A quick peek at my messy art studio

Alrighty...I had to put the artsy stuff on hold so I could dedicate some serious time to getting my apartment cleaned up once and for all. Thus far it's going well, but I'm not done yet. So instead of art, here is a peek at my art studio where I try to do most of my work. You know...instead of taking over the livingroom as is my tendency. Oops. :)p

Framed art and my art desk with piles of books everywhere.

Some more framed art and my bookshelf. Don't mind the skull :)

My furry companions, plus one. Nikki watching the guinea pigs.

More guinea pigs :D

Big easel and my other bookshelf. Can you tell I like model horses?

Aaannd that's all folks. :)

Well, I still have edits to do and a kitchen to finish cleaning, so I better go. The next Wordless Wednesday will be artsy, I promise. Today I was just...distracted? Oh well, back to dishes! :D

~Sun and Moon

June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

You've probably guessed by now, but there is no post today on account of it being Father's day. Also, I'm a little worn out from running around and cooking in a hot kitchen. Air conditioning is fine and all, but it doesn't work very well when the window unit is an old one.

Anyway, I spent my day with my husband's dad and had a really good time. He's out of the hospital now and doing good. His helmet is banged up a bit and his jacket is in tatters, but they did their job. He'll be just fine.

On that note, I'd like to wish all the dad's out there a Happy Father's Day. I hope it was a good one. :)

I might be able to post a Wordless Wednesday this week. I have several new artsy things to share and a few more waiting to be finished. For now, however, I'm off to do some editing and play Sims 3 before bed.

~Sun and Moon

June 10, 2012

I'll take a rain check please

This week has been nuts.Well and truly crazy. Not much of it is good, and what is good is getting buried under the mess.

Where to start?

Well tuesday afternoon I get a text from my husband that Ty, one of the family horses at the farm, had gone down. Ty was in bad shape and my husband was leaving work to help his mom keep Ty on his feet and moving till the vet could get there.

This one doesn't have a happy ending.

Late tuesday night, we found out that Ty had to be put down. He was twenty-nine years old, and he lived a good life with people who loved him. It was time. The autopsy later revealed that if he'd made it through that night, he would've been in a lot of pain very soon. I won't share the details here, but there is no doubt he was already running out of time. We never would have known and at least he didn't have to suffer long, but it still makes it bittersweet.

My husband called the next day off. The loss of a horse he'd known all his life hit him pretty hard. By thursday morning, things were looking up, and then it all hit the fan again. This time it was a phone call, not a text, and he wasn't the only one to leave his shift unfinished.

His dad had wrecked on his bike was in the hospital.

We rushed home just long enough to change clothes and switch cars. Food was grabbed on the way and we ate in the car, something we almost never do. It was an hour drive to the hospital he was at, and when we got there my husbands sister gave us the details.

His dad was hurt bad, but he would be ok. A lot of broken bones and some bad lacerations, but they didn't think he'd need surgery. After staying for about four hours, we head home exhausted and collapsed.

Yeah....it's been a rough week.

I haven't gotten far in edits or artwork lately, not with all the constant craziness, but hopefully that'll change and this next week will be calm and reletively quiet.

I can hope, right?

Prayers for our family is appreciated. I may do a wordless wednesday, but I'm not sure. Right now all I want to do is sleep.

~Sun and Moon


June 3, 2012

Just five more minutes...zzZZzz..

Today's lack of a blog post is due to the craziness of retail at the beginning of the month. Add in a holiday weekend before that, and all I want to do for a while is crawl into bed and not come out. Since that is considered unhealthy, I did the next best thing.

Spontaneous dinner-and-movie date with the husband. It was awesome, but had the almost expected result of me forgetting about any and all internet stuff until about now....oops?

Anyway, I'm still trying to track done someone who took photos of that llama we helped shear. It's slow going, so I expect I'll end up having to find a few unhappy-llamas-with-a-haircut photos thru google instead. Oh well, at least I got a huge bag of wool fiber out of the whole adventure.

Well, I'm off to get some sleep before I pass out(can you tell from all the aimless rambling?). Tomorrow I get to sort the bad wool from the good and figure out how I'm going to wash the stuff.

Ah yes...good times. :)p

~Sun and Moon