June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A quick peek at my messy art studio

Alrighty...I had to put the artsy stuff on hold so I could dedicate some serious time to getting my apartment cleaned up once and for all. Thus far it's going well, but I'm not done yet. So instead of art, here is a peek at my art studio where I try to do most of my work. You know...instead of taking over the livingroom as is my tendency. Oops. :)p

Framed art and my art desk with piles of books everywhere.

Some more framed art and my bookshelf. Don't mind the skull :)

My furry companions, plus one. Nikki watching the guinea pigs.

More guinea pigs :D

Big easel and my other bookshelf. Can you tell I like model horses?

Aaannd that's all folks. :)

Well, I still have edits to do and a kitchen to finish cleaning, so I better go. The next Wordless Wednesday will be artsy, I promise. Today I was just...distracted? Oh well, back to dishes! :D

~Sun and Moon

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