December 25, 2011

He is the reason for the season

There's no actual blog post today, seeing as it is Christmas, but here is an amazing video I shamelessly stole from the blog of Literary agent Rachelle Gardner.

Enjoy folks, and grab a box of tissues. You may need them :)

~Sun and Moon

December 18, 2011

My kind of day

It has been an awesome week for me. It would've been better if the holidays were over, but I made do. Part of the reason I had such a good week is that chapter twenty seven looks to be done for good. All the bits that were nagging at me have been fixed and run through three different beta readers. They all loved at and I went ahead and sent it yet another just yesterday. I'm now enjoying a short break before I jump back into chapter twenty-eight on tuesday.

The other part of my good mood is because I had a day off with my husband for the first time in several weeks and we spent the day eating good food, going to a few of our favorite places. I now have a bunch of new art supplies from Hobby Lobby(including some clay), the plan to get my CCW this coming summer has been put into action, and we bought a filtered fountain for our cat.

Yes, definitely an amazing week.

I'd stick around and chat, but I better get to work. I might now have edits to do, but there are gifts to wrap, dishes and laundry waiting for me, and artwork to finish up. Also I found this yummy looking recipe for lemon-chili wings in one of my cookbooks. I grabbed the ingredients yesterday at work and I hope to serve them up with salad and french bread when my husband get home.

Wish me luck :D

~Sun and Moon

December 11, 2011


I need a nap.

Holiday season is starting to pick up and it's been one thing after another this past week. I've had stuff break down, customers who seem to have left their common sense at home with their wallets, and associates of several different departments treat me like I'm two years old. Headaches abound and sleep deprivation has become something I'm terribly familiar with as I try to find time to cook, clean, do edits, finish old art projects, and cuddle with my husband on top of dealing with the insanity of the holiday rush.

One day I'll get the knack of doing everything at once, but not today.

On a lighter note, I might be done tweaking chapter 27. It's not for sure yet, however, as I need to pop the new scene into place first. Hopefully this is it and I'll be working on chapter 28 sooner rather then later. My goal is to be working on Book Two early next year, so I better get cracking.

Also, I have discovered almond milk yogurt while I wait for my latest batch of goat yogurt to come in. It is sweet, nutty, fruity deliciousness and I'm close to being addicted to the stuff. Now if only they sold this almond goodness at my work... 

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for a day of movies and general silliness. A good friend of mine is free for the first time in a while and I intend to take advantage of that freedom while I can.

~Sun and Moon

December 4, 2011

Soaking it all in

I have a tendency to get be in one of two modes when it comes to my creativity; soaking up as much information as possible, and spitting all that learning out on a canvas of one sort or another. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing or drawing, if I’m in one mode its darned hard to switch.

Lately I’ve been in the “sponge” mode, which means a great deal of scouring the library for new books and flipping through my art books and searching for new tutorials online. When its nice outside I tend to go wandering off with my camera, or out on my bike. Both writing and new artwork comes along at a crawl, and I feel twitchy whenever I go to long without a source of new knowledge to soak up.

The opposite of “sponge” mode is a little easier to deal with, but still has it’s moments. When I’m busy spewing up all the stuff I soaked up, I absolutely must write, and you can usually spot me scribbling down ideas and such in the little notebook I carry around. It’s likewise with the art side of things. I can’t carry my sketch book while I’m on the clock at work, but receipt paper will do in a pinch. Some get tossed, but those I decide to keep and turn into real drawings are put in a little drawer in my art desk.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what mode I’m in when there are edits to be done. So while I try to resist the urge to call it quits just a little earlier then usual so I can get to my latest haul from the library, or the new art supplies waiting in my studio, I’m hammering out the latest snarl and watching the clock. After all, if I can’t buckle down and get things done now, how will it be if I ever find myself facing a publishing deadline?

So on that note, I’m off to get my work done for the day and get this posted. There are still another two books waiting unread in my latest stack from the library, and I have some new surfaces to try my art on now that I‘ve managed to get my paws on some of the Ampersand‘s Claybord I‘ve been hearing about. After all, my brain might be trying to soak up everything it can, but I can still have some fun, right?

Later, guys.


~Sun and Moon