December 11, 2011


I need a nap.

Holiday season is starting to pick up and it's been one thing after another this past week. I've had stuff break down, customers who seem to have left their common sense at home with their wallets, and associates of several different departments treat me like I'm two years old. Headaches abound and sleep deprivation has become something I'm terribly familiar with as I try to find time to cook, clean, do edits, finish old art projects, and cuddle with my husband on top of dealing with the insanity of the holiday rush.

One day I'll get the knack of doing everything at once, but not today.

On a lighter note, I might be done tweaking chapter 27. It's not for sure yet, however, as I need to pop the new scene into place first. Hopefully this is it and I'll be working on chapter 28 sooner rather then later. My goal is to be working on Book Two early next year, so I better get cracking.

Also, I have discovered almond milk yogurt while I wait for my latest batch of goat yogurt to come in. It is sweet, nutty, fruity deliciousness and I'm close to being addicted to the stuff. Now if only they sold this almond goodness at my work... 

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for a day of movies and general silliness. A good friend of mine is free for the first time in a while and I intend to take advantage of that freedom while I can.

~Sun and Moon


  1. I tell myself one day I'll get the knack of doing everything at once all the time! I swear, someday I will. :)

    Enjoy your freedom!

  2. I hope so. When you figure out, please let me know. In the meantime I'll be over here researching time machines. ;D