December 18, 2011

My kind of day

It has been an awesome week for me. It would've been better if the holidays were over, but I made do. Part of the reason I had such a good week is that chapter twenty seven looks to be done for good. All the bits that were nagging at me have been fixed and run through three different beta readers. They all loved at and I went ahead and sent it yet another just yesterday. I'm now enjoying a short break before I jump back into chapter twenty-eight on tuesday.

The other part of my good mood is because I had a day off with my husband for the first time in several weeks and we spent the day eating good food, going to a few of our favorite places. I now have a bunch of new art supplies from Hobby Lobby(including some clay), the plan to get my CCW this coming summer has been put into action, and we bought a filtered fountain for our cat.

Yes, definitely an amazing week.

I'd stick around and chat, but I better get to work. I might now have edits to do, but there are gifts to wrap, dishes and laundry waiting for me, and artwork to finish up. Also I found this yummy looking recipe for lemon-chili wings in one of my cookbooks. I grabbed the ingredients yesterday at work and I hope to serve them up with salad and french bread when my husband get home.

Wish me luck :D

~Sun and Moon

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