September 26, 2010

I have a good reason, darn it all

Hey guys,

Um, ok....I have a really good reason to be taking so long writting lately.

New books.

Seriously, I have been reading new books constantly over the past two weeks. It's totally awesome since I haven't had a new book to read in...well...forever, lol. However, it does mean that I've been reading when I should've been writting.

But I did get chapter 14 done last sunday, and unless something goes wrong, I should be able to finish chapter 15 on tuesday.

Mostly its rewritting the scenes I had to take out thats slowing me down. There is a new scene in there now that I kinda like, but I want to run it by a beta reader before I set it in stone, so to speak. I can't post it here(sorry folks) as the book is so close to done and I just can't risk it, but as soon as the first ten chapters are edited and done, I'll give ya'll a heads up.

Thats another thing that has slowed down. The friend who's looking at chapters 1-10 for me is sick right now. As in needs surgery to feel better kind of sick. She's trying to find a place that'll do the surgery see needs without insurance, but its slow going. Please keep her in your prayers, not because of me, but because she needs this surgery.

And now I'm off to play some Sims 3 and bury myself in another of those new books I've got.

That's all for tonight, folks. XD


~Sun and Moon


P.S. Oh...and I have another book idea...thats good...right? XD

September 4, 2010

The unlucky thirteen

Hey guys,

And before you say anything, no I'm not the supersitious(sp?) type. I just thought it was appropriate seeing as I spent four days on one chapter when all the others were polished and done in about one day...yeah.

Anyway, I'm finally done with chapter 13 and will be starting in on chapter 14 tomorrow. Its going to be a long one too, as this one had a major chunk sliced out of it and needs a rewrite as well as a polish.

Wish me luck.

There are few chapters like that, actually, so my forward speed is going to slow until I get all of them done and out of the way. On a better note, I'm nearly halfway done with my rough edit and I have a friend going over chapters 1-10 for me as I type this. She has a degree in english, so she's helping me catch all the errors I can't seem to find. This means that as soon as she's done and we've finished revisions, you'll be seeing chapters 1-10 on

Cool, huh?

In the meantime, I have to go get ready for a wedding(a friend of mine is FINALLY getting married, lol), work on some personal artwork, and make sure my husband and his friend stop working on the truck long enough to eat something. I'll catch ya'll later.


~Sun and Moon