April 25, 2011

To cut or not to cut, that's the dilema

I still haven't finished chapter 26.

Were you surprised?

On second thought, don't answer that. Instead, I'll explain why I still have a muddle of halfway edited chapters and hopefully you won't roll your eyes and tell me I'm nuts.

Or at least try not too, ok?

Anyway, remember that virus that I wrote about in my last post? Well, no sooner then the next day, it was back. But not the same exact one. No, this one was another variation that was even smarter then the last. It took my husband and his friend several hours to get rid of it, during which it actually took over our computer, forcing my husband to have to pull the plug to shut it down.


The next day it happened again. We got rid of it.

So far it hasn't shown back up, but it seems it's only going to be a matter of time before I see it appear on my screen to invade my computer once more. 

On that note, I've been sticking to sites we're sure are still safe, and trying to get editting done in between work and getting art ready for next month's sale. To top it off, I managed to catch a cold over the past few days.

Of course, even if everything hadn't gone so splendidly these past few days, I'm not sure if I would've made much progress. I decided to snip yet another piece from one of my chapters and now as I find myself trying to smooth out the rough edges from my latest cut, I wonder if I should have cut it at all.

Not something you need to be thinking about when you're full of dayquil and cough drops.

So the offending chapters are getting sent off to a friend of mine to make sure I didn't just shoot myself in the foot, and I'm off to get some real work done on chapter 26 while I can still think to type.

If this post sounds a little odd, don't worry. I'll be back to my usual, drug-less self by next Sunday. Until then, I'm off to tackle those edits and take a nap until my husband gets back to help me with dishes.

~Sun and Moon

April 17, 2011

Get a hobby....please

Some people really need a hobby.

Now, I'm not talking about me. I have hobbys. Probably more then a sane person should. No, I'm talking about the idiots who spend all this time creating viruses and trojans and the like so they can set them loose on the internet for others to stumble across.

Yeah, those people.

Because of someone like that, I lost the better part of my day trying to figure out why Windows was insisting I had all sorts of spyware, malware, and every other bad computer thing infecting my system. Thanks to a computer savy friend of my husband's, all my computer problems had been cleared up, but by then my entire day was shot and I ended up spending the rest of the evening playing games online.

So because of all that, chapter 26 still isn't finished and the other chapters I'd realized needed tweaking are untouched. Tomorrow I might be able to catch up on the writting I missed today and make some progress on the pile of cleaning that I have yet to get through. Thank goodness my vacation is only about two weeks away. At this rate, I'm going to spend the whole time cleaning and writting.

Which is exactly how I had hoped I wouldn't be spending it.

On the upside, I finished a new piece of artwork(not the one I was supposed to be working on, but oh well), did some weaving on my little lap loom, and cleaned the livingroom while watching "Penelope" and "Ever After" on my husband's PS3. Other then the false alarm with the bogus virus, it was a good day.

Well, my husband just woke up and asked why I was still awake, so I should probably head to bed. That, and the fact I'm about to fall asleep at my keyboard, tells that this is probably a good idea. 

G'night all :)

~Sun and Moon

April 11, 2011

Late again *sigh*

Well, this post is a little late, but better late then never, right?

 Anyway, chapter twenty-five was finished thursday afternoon. It's still a little rough around the edges, but it'll do for now. I'll be taking another look at it wensday and giving a final polish, as well as taking a peek at chapter twenty-three. If nothing goes wrong, I'll be finishing up the initial edits for chapter twenty-six right about then. In fact, I might be able to call it a wrap by friday and spend the weekend going over the twelve or so pieces of artwork I hope to sell in May.

There are about five chapters to edit(including number twenty-six) before I can do a final brush through and call Book One done and take my week off before tackling Book Two. I already have the beginnings for both chapters one and two written out and ready to go into the computer, and chapters one thru ten have been outlined. New characters are starting to pop up in my head, and if I'm not careful, my supervisors are going to catch me scribbling notes for those scenes that insist on being written down right then, thank you very much.

Trying to take care of a customer? Too bad. Attempting to zone your area and neaten up in general? It can wait, because that new saytr character from an unknown chapter wants to talk to Kris and the information for his race has to be written down in my little note book this very minute.

Yeah...I'm not crazy, I swear.

And on that note, I better get back to work.

~Sun and Moon