August 1, 2010

Why procrastinating is BAD

Hey guys,

Those of you who are beta readers probably remember how when I gave the first chunk of chapters, I told you to ignore chapter five because it was in need of a rewrite. A serious rewrite. As in "scrap it all and start over", kind of rewrite.


Well, I finally got around to fixing it. A whole year later. Not the best idea I've ever had seeing as I just closed the file and I know it still needs more work. But seeing as I'm burnt out on that particular chapter, its going to sit until I can have a beta reader go over it.

In the meantime, I have the first chapters of book two in the works. Outlines haven't been finished yet, but both chapters one and two have been started. How many pages is still up in the air as I haven't put it all into my laptop yet. But its a good beginning.

Anyway, I have a commission and a new piece of artwork to finish, so I'll catch ya'll later. Toodles!

~Sun and Moon