February 14, 2016

Not quite there yet...

I honestly thought I'd be back to blogging right now...

I'm not dead, or anything else drastic, but I do have a very mobile toddler now. And I mean a "let's climb every height and get into every forbidden place" kind of mobile. 

I have been able to carve out just enough editing time to reach chapter twenty-four, though. I'm about halfway done with it, which is awesome. Except for the fact that all the chapters from this point on are very...sticky. 

The three plot holes I've discovered still need fixed(if I go back before this round of edits is finished I'll never be done), and I still need to cut a good sized chunk from my word count. I am getting closer, but it's taking a while. I've learning my lesson about keeping everything balanced. It means I work a lot slower, but as long as my progress is steady, I'm fine with slow.

Anyhow, I have a lot to work on, so I better get on it. I'll try to catch you guys next sunday. 

Unless, you know....life happens. ^_^

Later, guys!

~Sun and Moon