November 17, 2010

She's alive!

Hey folks,

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately, but I managed to pick up a rather nasty cold and I spent last week feeling miserable and sleeping a lot. I did manage to get chapter 19 finished, though.

Editing for chapter twenty is going as well as can be expected with the holidays starting up. I keep hitting these snags where I find myself wondering if the story is reading clearly enough. Seeing as I don't have a beta writter I can haul over to my place and show those snags to, they've been slowing me down a lot. There's nothing like spending almost thirty minutes trying to reword something, only to find that you really had gotten it right the first time. Oi...XP

Anyway, I'm not going to be posting much while the holidays are here. I have discovered that sleep is actually a necessary thing for my sanity, and work deprives me of enough of it as it is. Besides, my forward progress is pretty crappy during the whole holiday rush.

And that's all for me tonight, folks. G'night!

~Sun and Moon