September 29, 2013

Pretty colors....

Er, so its almost 9pm at night and I just realized I didn't put up a blog post at all. I have  loads of good reasons, but since most of them sound horribly like excuses....we'll leave them unspoken.

Also, on a random note...the letter "v" on my keyboard has died. I'm using the wonderful world of spell-check and cut-and-paste to cover that, but I'm either going to be doing some tinkering in the near future, or keyboard shopping. Thank goodness I have my netbook. I'm still picking away at my edit notes and it would really suck if I stymied because of a faulty key on my keyboard.

Funny thing is....I'm pretty sure I don't use my "v" key that much....

Tomorrow is going to be a day of cleaning, artwork, and edits, so I better go enjoy my last couple of lazy hours till bedtime. And in lieu of a proper blog post, here is a bit of artwork I finished some months ago. Pastels on pastel board, she is one of my favorite pieces right now and one of the first ones I finished after my son passed. I hope you like her. :)

~Sun and Moon    


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