July 22, 2009

A quick note

Hey guys,

I'm about to crash, so I'll make this short and sweet.

I finished chapter ten a while back, and I'm almost done tweaking 1-6. Chapter 11 should be started sometime next week...I hope.

Work is crazy right now and I'm having trouble finding the time to write, but there are two clips for chapter eleven floating around in my notebook, so I'm still moving forward. I'm not sure when my next off day is, but I'll be spending it writting and cleaning, so dont freak out, lol. I'm not going to stop writting, and I still plan to have my work published...its just going to take some time.

Well, I got to crash now so I can get up tomorrow and put more hours in on my story before I head to work. As always, I ask that you keep me in your prayers, and wish my luck ^_~

Take care, ya'll...
~Sun and Moon


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