August 5, 2009

Chapter eleven is almost done!

Hey guys!

Chapter eleven is almost done! It just needs to be tweaked a bit and touched up here and there before its ready for the Betas. 

Chapter twelve has not only been started, but is well on its way. I have one clip in my notebook, and several more floating around in my head as well as two scenes already in the computer. Tomorrow is a day off work for me and my hubby, so I dont know how much work I'll be able to put into it. However, if it flows as quickly as chapter eleven did, I'll have it done within the week...maybe, lol.

I still need my beta copies back, folks! I'll be buying fresh ink tomorrow so I can print out copies of the reworked chapters. If you wanna see the new stuff, bring me the beta copies, ok?

well, thats all for tonight. My hubby is waiting for me to come to bed and I'm tierd, so I'll post more later. Please continue to keep myself and my dream in your prayers; it means a lot to me. 


~Sun and Moon


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