May 23, 2009

Another update, but no new chapter...yet ^_^

Hey folks!

Chapter Eight isn't done yet, but its at 15 pages so its only a matter of polishing it up and adding another page or three.

Chapter 5 has to be almost entirely rewritten as it doesn't fit into the story well enough to satisfy me or my betas. That will be done after Eight is finished, but for now it will have to wait.

Chapters 1-7 have to be adjusted as I had to move Shadow's den from the Brookville park, to Sycamore state park due to the lack of actual woods, lol ^_^. All the adjustments are minor though, and will be done before the next set of chapters head out to the beta readers.

All in all, everything is going really well, and I hope to be sending my story off to publishers by this time next year. Thanks goes out to all you guys that have helped me smooth out the rough spots so I can keep writting without having to check every word for errors.

I can't wait to be able to share my story with the world; it is, after all, my dream.

Well, its way past my bedtime, so I'd better turn in. Thanks for everything, guys!

~Sun and Moon


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