April 29, 2009

Update on the coming chapters

Hey folks,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am over halfway done with chapter seven and chapters 8, 9, and 10 all have scenes that are finished. Now, they aren't done yet, but with several large chunks already done, they should be done pretty quick.

For those of you who are beta readers, I will not be handing out more then six chapters at any given time. To keep you from getting lost, there will be chapter summaries for all the previous chapters not included in your beta copy. So those of you who have the Preface and chapters 1-6 will have only the summaries for those chapters when you get 7-10.

Does that make sense? o_O

Anyway, I may post quotes from different chapters occasionaly, but I'm not posting clips. Its just too darn easy to steal stuff off the internet these days, sorry folks.

I'll post a new blog when I have more chapters completed, so keep an eye out ^_^

I'd also like to ask you again to keep me in your prayers. This is a dream I've had since I was about 12yrs old, and I would love for my story, and the ones that follow, to make it out there. I'm not hoping to make it big, I just want to share the stories that are floating around my head. I just want to be able to show my future kids that they really can follow their dreams if they put there minds to it.

So if you pray for me, pray that this story, and others, keep coming to me. That the words I need keep flowing, and that the stories that make it to paper get published.

Thanks for everything, guys.

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