December 27, 2009

New chapter done...finally XD

Hey guys,

I'm gonna keep this short cause frankly I'm tierd of staring at a computer screen and I gotta get up in the morning.

Chapter 19 is finished at last. It would've been done sooner, but the christmas season at walmart has been hellish.

No joke XP

Anyway, its done and I've got several pages on Chapter 20. Some of it was just written today(about two to three pages), and some has been written for a while. The old stuff will probably get a severe rewrite, but the essense will remain the same, so it should be quick.

Ok, I'm about ready to pass out, so I'm gonna crash now. I don't know when I'll have the next chapter done, but unless something crops up(like writer's block) I should have it done in about a week or so.

Until then, folks.


~Sun and Moon


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