October 2, 2011

Don't let the eyes fool you

Sorry this post is so late, but when you wake and find out the water isn't working things get a little scrambled. Thank goodness for landlords who care about their tenants or we'd still be without water and freezing to boot seeing as our heat is by big radiators in each room that require this thing called water in order to work. So everything is fixed now, and for the time being its all good here in the apartment. Well, mostly anyway.

You see, I have a stalker.

No, seriously I do. Remember the yummy goat yogurt I was raving about a while back? Well the healthfood store ran out and then decided to stop carrying it. They can still order it special if you want it, but only if you plan to buy the whole case. There are six containers in a case. At about seven dollars a pop, that's forty-two dollars easy. Seeing as I'm pretty broke most of the time, this means I haven't had any since I ran out a couple weeks ago, and I'm not the only one morning the loss of its creamy goodness.

Ever since that last bowl, my cat has been stalking me.

If I go into the kitchen she's only a pawstep behind me and will linger in the doorway meowing plaintively. Opening the fridge has the same effect, even if she was sleeping in the bedroom when I cracked it open. And she doesn't stop there. If I'm sitting down, she pesters me constantly(sometimes with painful results seeing as we don't declaw our cats). Its gotten so bad that when I get my breakfast in the morning, I've been locking myself in the bedroom so I can eat in peace.

Now, I could just suck it up and learn to make my own yogurt. Its not easy, but I could probably manage it okay.


I'll have to get back to you on that. The cat has realized where I am and is making her displeasure at the lack of yogurt rather plain. Pardon me while I peel her off my leg and go find her catnip.

And some bandaids.

Anyone want a cat? 

~Sun and Moon

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