November 13, 2013

Um, so about that....

Yes, I know....I missed another sunday. Normally if I post on wednesdays, there's a picture involved, but not today.

Well, maybe one picture....

More pastels...can you tell I'm addicted? :3

Anyway, I just want to let you guys know that the holiday season is hitting me like a brick and posts are going to be sporadic at best until New Years day. There are several reasons for this, and I'll explain them all....eventually. Until then, know that I'm really trying and I'm still writing. I'm just doing it between really long naps(also known as passing out on the couch while trying to do edits). 

With a little luck, I'll have this round of edits finished by the new year and I'll be able to share bits. No promises yet though. I was jotting down notes at work a couple days ago and realized a certain element needs to be woven through the plot a little deeper then it is now.

It never ends, does it? Oh well, at least it never gets boring either.

And on that note, I'm off to grab a mug of hot cocoa. Our downstairs neighbors did something strange that stunk up our apartment and I've had windows open most of the day. The windows are closed now and the heat is back on, but my feet are still blocks of ice inside my boots. where's the milk?

~Sun and Moon  

P.S. Apparently blogger wants to be mean. Go here to my gallery to see this art without the funky thing blogger did to the eyes. Geesh, got to love technology....>_>

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