February 20, 2010

Two more chapters finished

Hey folks,

Chapters 21 and 22 are finally done. I actually finished chapter 21 last week, but life and work has been so darned hectic that I haven't had the energy...not to mention the time to get on here.

And seeing as I've been plugging away at chapter 22 for the past four or five days straight, I'm kinda fried. Rewritting stuff you wrote a year ago really sucks....it just does. Take my word for it, and don't try it yourself unless you're desperate.

To be honest, I'm not really happy with twenty-two cause its so rough, and the ending is...odd. But if I look at it anymore I'll go nuts. So I'll let my beta readers tell me if it needs more revisions. Right now I just want to read my new books, and hit the sack. I've been running all day on four hours of sleep.

Not the brightest thing to do when you work at wal-mart, lol.

Anyway, I better get to bed before Paul notices I'm still up. I might do some work on twenty three tomorrow, but then again I might not. The chapter is from Shadow's view, so we'll see.


~Sun and Moon


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