March 7, 2010

Chapter 23 is finished

Hey guys,

Chapter 23 is finished! As always, it still needs to be touched up, but I think it looks good. I now have just six chapters to go(seven if you count chapter 24, lol). I'm almost done with this book and I'm pretty excited.

I got my first quotes written down for the next book in this trilogy. I'd post it here, but it would make absolutly no sense to ya'll, so nevermind.

As it is, I'm kinda tossing ideas around for the preface, and I have a good idea on how chapters one and two will start. In the next book Kris will still be one of the view points, but instead of Shadow, she will be joined by another griffen named Cara.

I'm not about to list the cast for the next book, but I'll probably be listing the cast from this book once I'm done. In the mean time, you'll just have to wonder, sorry.

On another note, I've given up trying to figure out a date I'll be done. However, I don't think it'll be much longer as I have a lot of chunks leading up to the end. From chapter 23 on, there are a lot of pre-written clips. I won't be able to use them all(some things have changed too much in the story line), but a good many of them will make it in. Not to mention Kris and Shadow's relationships are making for...interesting writting.

At least, it's interesting for me.

Anyway, I have to work tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. It's time for my after-chapter writting break, so work on chapter 24 will begin on wensday. I'll keep ya'll posted as always.


~Sun and Moon


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