March 16, 2010

Another chapter in the bag

Hey folks,

I'm up waaay past my bedtime, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

 I finished chapter 24 about an hour ago. As with all my chapters, it needs to be smoothed over, but it's done. Shorter then I thought it'd be at 14 pages, but its solid. I might tweak the end of it, but not tonight. Right now it is time to take a break and goto bed.

I realized today as I typed in the end of the chapter, that I'm almost done...and I'm shocked. I think a part of me never thought I'd get this far, much less finish it. Its really satisfying to sit back and look at the work I've done and know I've accomplished what I set out to do.

Very satisfying indeed.

I found a wonderful website last week. Its a place for author(published or not) to display thier manuscripts for others to read. It is a site created by Harper Collins publishing company, and its as secure as they can make it. You can't download the chapters, and you can't copy and paste them.

The site only retains the right to display your work as long as you're posting it, and you can make your book private if you wish. Agents and other publishing companies look through this site too, and if your book reaches a high enough rank in the site(go see thier FAQ to see what I mean), it ends up on the editor's desk at Harper Collins itself.

The site is and if you like to read or write, you should check it out.

I myself plan to post my book there once it's complete. And when I do have it up, I'd love for you to go and give me your opinion on it, ok?

And on that note, I'm off to bed. G'night folks, and sleep well.

~Sun and Moon


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