July 1, 2010

Editing update

Hey guys,

Well, I'm almost halfway through the rough editing. I finished hacking at chapter 12 today, but I get the feeling I'll be taking another swing at it and the others before too long.

It's all about the word count, you see. I need to cut about 100 thousand words from my manuscript. As it stands now, my word count is at about 220k. It needs to be about 130k.


I also need to tighten everything up once I'm done hacking away at it. And catch all the little inconsistensies(sp?), and obvious grammar and spelling mishaps. Then it goes through at least two betas before I call up my old english teacher and see if she can help me shine it up a little more. After all that abuse, about ten chapters will be posted on
www.authonomy.com and I will be working on my query letter and synopsis as I work on book two.

Its good to have a plan. 

Oh, and you may have noticed that I've edited a few of my previous blogs and most of the snippets are missing.

Here is the reason this time....

I'm editing, and a lot is changing. All of those bits will be different by the time I'm done. And so, down they came. I'll make it up to you guys when those ten chapters are posted on authonomy, ok?

Anyway, it's late and I'm off to bed. I've got more editing to do in the morning and I'm wiped out.


~Sun and Moon


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