March 12, 2011

Promoting....its a nessecary thing

Well, I'll be working on cleaning up my rough cover idea tonight and giving it color on my next day off. Hopefully I'll have it loaded and ready to go not long after because that's also the day I'll be getting my sorry butt on the authonomy forums. Its time and past time to start promoting my book so it can hit the editor's desk sometime in the near future.

Wish me luck, I'll probably need it.

My other project is to start blogging a little more and get my rear in gear on book one so I can have a brief break before plunging into book two. The goal is to be done with book one, and starting book two by my birthday. I'm still getting bomboarded with snippets from book two and I fully expect to get caught scribbling away at my register any day now....

Anyway, I do have to work today, so I'm off to do some more edits on chapter twenty-five. I need to trim away at least five pages and it's been slow going.

Onward! XD

~Sun and Moon

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