July 24, 2011

Moving on

Sometimes you have to let things go to move forward, whether it's a piece of artwork giving you trouble, an argument you can't seem to win, or words on a page that simply won't behave as you want them to. You can only let yourself bash your head against an unmoveable wall for so long before you're burned out with a pounding headache and ready to give up.

But think about it. You wouldn't pick green fruit and expect to be able to eat it right away. You wouldn't open freshly bottled wine and expect it to be any good. No one plants the seeds for their garden and then wonder why they don't have cucumbers and squash on the vine the next day.

The point?

Sometimes you need to let things age. Those words you put down last night at one o'clock in the morning may have sounded like dreck as you read them over before finally getting some sleep, but in the morning things may change. Some scenes need time to settle before you see them as anything other then a hasty replacement.

So next time you reach the point of burnout just let it go and move on. We are all learning, and no one said you had to be perfect. I mean, yeah it would be nice to churn out a first draft where every word is struck in gold, but things just don't happen that way.

Nobody is perfect, and no one can master their craft without mistakes. Mistakes, after all, are how we learn.
Think about it :)

~Sun and Moon


  1. I totally agree. This thing we do takes mass amounts of patience!

  2. Yes it does. I just wish it didn't take so long to get things to where you want them.

    Also, you're my first commenter ever and that just made my day. Allow me to offer you some virtual kitchen sink cookies...and a hug :D