July 31, 2011

Sanity is overrated

Well, the past week has been interesting indeed. I went from having three followers to having eight, and from no comments to having two on my latest post. From chatting into the void, to having people listening to what I have to say.

I have to admit, after dancing around my livingroom and squealing over my new followers for a minute, I suddenly felt a little pressure. It wasn't just for me anymore and I found myself wondering: will this be what it's like when I publish my first book?

Granted, I haven't even finished the final edits for Book one yet, but I can't help but think about it. Do I want this? Am I crazy? Can I handle it?


I've heard many times over that authors have to be just a little nuts to do what they do. If that's what it takes to see my book on shelves, I'll be crazy. Art is meant to be seen and shared, after all, not stuck in a box and kept safe from those it was meant for. The same goes for the stories we write. Now, we all have those pieces that were made just for us, whether its a manuscript that defies all the rules, or a piece of artwork that's precious to us in spite of all it's flaws. Those are ours to cherish however we like, but then there are those we create for others as well as ourselves. The trick is figuring out which one is which.

Originally "New Beginnings" was one of those destined for the shoe box(yes I have an actual shoe box for that kind of thing). After languishing there for upwards of ten years(I wrote the original draft at twelve years old), I found myself thinking of the characters once again, and decided to give them another shot. Now, that original draft will never see the light of day(yes, its that scary, lol), but "New Beginnings" is another story altogether, pun intended.

Whether or not I end up a published author remains to be seen, but until then I'm another writer scrambling to get her stories out of her head and onto something besides the receipt tape from work. And as long as the stories keep coming and the words keep flowing, I'll be crazy.

Sanity, after all, is overrated.

~Sun and Moon


  1. As one of your new followers, I can say that I'm experiencing the same thing on my blog. I love the community and have begun to really get into it. You write from the heart about your writing, which I love. Just keep being yourself :)