August 12, 2012

Nothing but blue skies

Gee, my blog has been getting kind of grim lately. I really must do something about that. 

Anywho, I've been on vacation since August 4th and I'm enjoying every minute of it. We've gone from having almost no job possibilities to having about five floating around, two of which pay well enough for me to become a stay at home mom-artist-writer thing(note: mom is the first thing on the list, lol). My sister is giving me a huge load of baby stuff(cutting out a LOT of costs for us), and there is still no sign of the dreaded morning sickness.

So yeah, a huge difference from the last couple of weeks. Its amazing how much good can be found when you stop staring at the clouds and turn to face the sun.

Just lovely :)

~Sun and Moon

P.S. Today's title is from one of my favorite songs as a kid. Just hearing it's familiar tune is enough to make me smile. Good memories and blue skies...I just can't get enough :D

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