August 19, 2012

Tiger, Tiger

As you've probably guessed, there won't be a blog post for today. Vacation is over, and I'm doing my best to adjust to works hours and such all over again. I'm still working on chapter twenty-nine edits, but there's not much to tell as I tweak the new scene bit by bit. It's slow, but I'm not stuck yet. :)

Anyway, here is a little something I did for my cousin Theresa. She loves tigers and I got to break in my new pastels, so it was a win-win. I hope you like it too. I'll try to have an actual blog post for you guys next week. Maybe even good chapter news? If all goes well I'll be taking a page from Amanda Olivieri's book(so to speak) and taking up the "Be Inspired" blog hop meme. 

Until then have a tiger. :)

~Sun and Moon

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