September 2, 2012

Dreck sucks

So I spent about two hours on edits for chapter 29, trying to set that new scene....and then got stuck.

I'm happy to say this doesn't happen too horribly. Usually it's because I wrote in something that doesn't fit the characters in the scene. This means I need to go back over the darned thing and pull some of that two hours worth of work and start over.


I'll do that later though. Right now it's time to take a short break and do something else. Anything else. Maybe once it's had a chance to stew in the back of my head i'll know how to fix it. That's how it usually goes. I get frustrated and stalk off to do something I'd been putting off so I could finish edits...and then end up rushing back to the computer when the solution hits in the middle of doing dishes, or reading that book I got from the library. Thankfully our keyboard doesn't mind getting splattered with soapy water.

And on that note, I think I'll take a nap. As soon as I find my notebook and spare pen. After all, ideas tend to strike when you least expect it. :)

~Sun and Moon 

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