April 17, 2010

New chapter finished!

Hey guys,

Another chapter is in the bag! I just finished chapter 26 and now I have only four chapters left to write before this book is finished.

I say book, and not story, because this is part of a trilogy. The story is nowhere near done. Next is the "A Child and a Prophesy" and I'm already getting little clips to scribble down.

It's freaking awesome XD

Since the next book is going to have quite a few of the mythical beasts showing up, I've been working on breeds and designs. It's also because of my current cast's journey through fairland in the book I'm writting now, but yeah. It needs to be done either way...plus it's fun

Anyway, thats all I have tonight. Work on chapter 27 will begin sometime Tuesday after my usual three day break. As for right now...it's bedtime.


~Sun and Moon


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