May 5, 2010

Another chapter finished

Hey guys,

Well, chapter 28 was finished last night and I'm only two chapters away from the end of the book. I'd been hoping to have it done by my b-day, but seeing as its in a few days, thats not going to happen, lol.

I have a load of editing to do once those last chapters are finished, and a month after finishing the epilogue, I'll be starting the next book. This means I'll be working on the second book as I edit the first one. Ought to be interesting XD

And thats all for me today, folks. I'm off to relax before I head to work. I'll be on break for the next three days, so work on chapter 29 will begin on saturday, the 8th. It has a large chunk already written(needs a bit of a rewrite though), so it should go fairly quick. Its also the first glimpse of Fairland's dangers, so I know I'm gonna be having a lot of fun with that.

Well, I'm off to get some lunch.


~Sun and Moon


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