May 19, 2010

Chapter 29 is finished

Hey folks,

Well, I finished chapter 29 last night. I didn't post a blog, however, because I was in serious need of some sleep. So I'm posting now, instead.

Anyway, I'm on my three day break and I'll be starting chapter 30 on saturday. Chapter 30 will be my last chapter for this book. After that there'll be the epilogue, and then I'll be taking a solid week away from the book before beginning the cover-to-cover edit. A lot will be cut, no doubt, but hopefully for the better.

Those of you who want to read the first few chapters, but aren't beta readers, will be able to view them online at as soon as I finish the first round of cutting and editing.

This book is going to be going through a lot of people before it goes out to agents. I figure I be looking for repersentation by my 25th birthday. Hopefully.

I may be starting the outline for "A Child and a Prophesy" sometime maybe over the next few days. Don't know yet....I'll keep you guys posted.

Well, I've a whole load of cleaning to get done, so I better hop to it. I'll catch you guys later.


~Sun and Moon


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