October 26, 2010

Well, you see...

Hey guys,

You know, I was originally planning to sit down at my computer Sunday and get some serious work done...remember that? Well, I did get some serious work done, but not on chapter 18. 

Instead of cranking out the editing I had planned, I was reassembling an old ferret cage, making ramps for said ferret cage, and cleaning my livingroom. As for chapter 18, I put in about two hours worth of work.

Go me, lol.

So chapter 18 is only halfway done, and while my livingroom is looking good, I still need to clean my kitchen....and the bedroom....maybe my art studio too.


Anyway, I should have chapter 18 ready for the final edit by the end of the week. Keep you fingers crossed for me, though. At the rate I'm going, I need all the help I can get. XD

~Sun and Moon

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